My favorite televisions shows, movies, and books feature strong women, so it’s only natural I wrote my heroine, Anika, with similar traits of my favorite fictional characters. Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of Kick Butt Heroines! When you’re finished, scroll down for pictures of Cuba sites featured in Die Run Hide and for the answers to the quiz.

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of KICK BUTT HEROINES!

(Answers at the bottom of page)

1.   In Terminator 2, what female character singlehandedly kick-started the pursuit of pumped biceps?

2.   Fiction fans, what literary character written by J.D. Robb loves junk food, her badge, and her gorgeous Irish bazillionaire husband?

3.   Who destroyed evil, lost her little sister but not her humanity, and found love in the Hunger Games?

4.   Which television show featured a kick-butt heroine who accessorized a black dress and heels with a smokin’ hot gun?

5.   Wearing only underwear and a spacesuit, this character defeated an acid-blooded alien in the movie Alien.

6.   The television show, Alias, featured this character who outsmarted the aloof secret-spy dad, a double-agent mom, and a killer boss.

7.  Russian mole or CIA double agent? Name the character from the movie Salt.

8.  As a kid, this was PM Kavanaugh’s favorite Halloween character.


Here’s a peek at Cuba’s Hotel Inglaterra, Hotel Isabel, and Plazas de Armas!


The Front of Hotel Inglaterra in Cuba

The Front of Hotel Inglaterra in Cuba


Santa Isabel

Cuba’s Santa Isabel

Hotel Isabel

The Front of Hotel Isabel, Cuba


Hotel Isabel Lobby

Hotel Isabel’s Lobby, Cuba


Hotel Isabel Patio

Patio of Hotel Isabel, Cuba


Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas, Cuba



Kick Butt Heroines Quiz Answers:

1. Sarah Connor,  2. Lt. Eve Dallas, 3. Katniss Everdeen, 4. La Femme Nikita, 5. Ripley, 6. Sydney Bristow, 7. Edwina Salt, 8. Batgirl